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Biasing of Tubes: Part 1

Roger Modjeski | The Columns

Adam LaBarge

Publisher’s note: Music Reference is a tube amplifier brand that many audiophiles swear by. Founded by Roger Modjeski in 1980, the company introduced high-power amplifiers that were among the most musical and powerful and cost-effective in the industry, receiving some of the most coveted industry accolades. But perhaps the most appreciated aspects of Modjeski’s power [...]


47 Labs Lens II Speaker Review

Bookshelf Speakers | Speakers

Jack Roberts

I find 47 Labs to be such an interesting company. At times I am tempted to get rid of all my ultra expensive and big gear and just listen to one of their little systems, as they are so musically satisfying. While I have always considered myself to be in KISS (KeepItSimpleStupid) high-end audio camp, [...]

World Premiere Review

EnKlein “David” Interconnect and “T-Rex” Power Cord Review

Cables | Interconnects | Power Cables

Ray Seda

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the world of Enklein. At the time, after many hours of evaluation and break-in, I concluded that, though not ideal in every respect, the EnKlein “Zephyr” and “Taurus Reference” were a combination of interconnect and cable that clearly yielded improvement in my reference system. As it [...]


Sonus faber Venere 3.0 Floorstanding Speaker Review

Floorstanding Speakers | Speakers

Ed Momkus

I’ve got to start this review with an apology. I’ve had the Sonus faber Venere 3.0s in my home in various locations now for over 5 months and should have completed this review three months ago. In fact, I was mostly done with the review back in May. However, one thing led to another, and [...]


Rogers High Fidelity PA-1A Phono Preamp Review

Amplification | Phono

Greg Petan

The phono preamp is not the sexiest component in the system, at least as far I’m concerned. A little bit of a front-end component, kind of a middle of the pack component, it suffers from a touch of an identity crisis. But make no mistake about it – a miss matched or an inferior component [...]


Harry Belafonte, Jimmy Smith, Best of Cream, Louis Armstrong & The All Stars, Vinyl Record Reviews

Classical | Jazz | Music | Various | Vinyl

Beatnik’s Pet Peeves Number Two “That Would Sound Good on any System”

Beatnik's Journey | The Columns

Jack Roberts

I don’t know how many times I have heard people say this about vocal recordings, especially those that are accompanied by a solo instrument or a small ensemble. They want you to put on something with a bigger, louder, more complex sound. Yes, I admit I have heard plenty of systems that sound pretty good [...]


iFi-audio Nano Series – iDSD DAC Review: Part III

DACs | Digital Sources

Paul Mah

This is the third and last part of my iFi-audio Micro and Nano components review. I realized when I was partitioning this massive review into three parts, that not everyone would read all the parts since, for instance, some may not be interested in a tube buffer/preamp like the iTube discussed in Part I. So, [...]


Lawrence Audio Double Bass Speakers Review

Floorstanding Speakers | Speakers

Laurence A. Borden

First Impressions are Sometimes Wrong A few years ago I was at an audio show (RMAF, if memory serves), and I wandered into a room featuring a speaker with which I was not familiar.   The speaker, as I learned, was from Lawrence Audio, and it was certainly pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, there was (to [...]


Simon Mears Audio Ucello 3-Way Horn Loudspeaker Review

Floorstanding Speakers | Speakers

Kevin Fiske , , ,

Oh my. How horn speakers polarize opinion within the audiophile community. They are rather like Marmite, the iconic British savoury spread consumed by devotees on toast or buttered bread. For equally as many though, Marmite is almost literally the spawn of the devil. English speaker designer and maker Simon Mears – and it’s my bad that [...]


Audio Blast: B.M.C. PureDAC and PureUSB1 Active USB Cable

DACs | Digital Sources

KEF LS-50 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Bookshelf Speakers | Speakers

Richard Austen

The KEF LS-50 is fast becoming one of the most talked about speakers around, and I suppose it’s time for a reviewer at Dagogo to talk about them. Residing in Hong Kong I live in an apartment that is well suited to the KEF LS-50. Well suited means small if you missed it. The LS-50 [...]


A Second Visit to the Home of the Infamous Encinitas Jim

Commentaries | The Columns

Fred Crowder

Rather than retracing ground previously covered in “A Visit to the Home of the Infamous Encinitas Jim” (Dagogo, April 2014), I refer you to that original article. Subsequent to my initial listening sessions in January 2014, there have been three changes to the system, which, in combination, have had an almost transformative effect on the [...]


An Interview with Daniel Khesin of Polymer Audio Research

Laurence A. Borden Interviews | The Columns

Laurence A. Borden

Laurence Borden: Dan, welcome to dagogo. Please begin by telling us a bit about your background, including your introduction to audio. Daniel Khesin: Thanks Larry, I am very excited to share our story and to be included in your coverage. I have been in the audio industry in one form or another for nearly 20 [...]


Cecile Mclorin Salvant, Phil Woods Quartet, Townes Van Zandt, Ella and Louis Record Reviews

Jazz | Music | Various | Vinyl

The Beatnik’s 2014 California Audio Show Reports, The Two Best Vintage Sounding Rooms

CAS | Event Reports

The Beatnik’s 2014 California Audio Show Reports The Best Room Combining Vintage and Modern Sound

CAS | Event Reports

Beatnik’s 2014 California Audio Show Turntable Eye Candy

Analog Sources | Cartridges | CAS | Event Reports | Tone Arms | Turn Tables

The Beatnik’s 2014 California Audio Show Reports The Two Best Modern Sounding Rooms

Beatnik's Journey | CAS | Event Reports | The Columns

The Beatnik’s 2014 California Audio Show Reports

Beatnik's Journey | CAS | Event Reports | The Columns

Jack Roberts

This year I want to cover the show a little differently. I’ll post some pictures and my usual turntable eye candy pictures. I’ll also give you an article about my six favorite rooms divided into the two best modern sounding rooms, the two best vintage sounding rooms, and the two best rooms that bridged the [...]


Fritz Accuton 6 Two Way Compact Bookshelf Speaker Review

Bookshelf Speakers | Speakers

Jack Roberts , ,

At the 2013 California Audio Show I had the pleasure of serving on a panel discussion where attendees were invited to ask audio writers question. On the panel was Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile, Neil Gader The Absolute Sound, Michael Mercer of Positive Feedback, and myself. One of the questions we were asked was what [...]

World Premiere Review

Melody Valve MN845 Monoblock Power Amplifier Review

Amplification | Tube

Ray Seda

Earlier this summer I first wrote about the wonderful Melody Valve P2688 vacuum tube line stage. As I had mentioned, accompanying the P2688 on the long journey to South Florida was a pair of Melody Valve MN845 vacuum tube Monoblock power amplifiers. These amplifiers are really something to behold. To my eyes, they are stunningly [...]


TEAC PD-501 Digital Player Review

Digital Sources | Disc Media Players

Jack Roberts

System set-up and listening I used two systems for this review: my personal reference system which consists of David Slagle’s Silver Remote Autoformer, a Wavac EC-300B SET amplifier driving the Teresonic Ingenium XR speakers, with DX4 silver drivers. Cabling in the system was entirely from High Fidelity Cables. The second system was my digital/video system, [...]


Music First Audio Baby Reference Preamplifier Review


Doug Schroeder

“Simple means purer,” I have often thought as I have worked through a cornucopia of two channel devices that diminish the purity of the audiophile experience. This is not to mention the plethora of devices with ear buds with pretense to good sound. These may be repositories of information, but they certainly are not repositories [...]


iFi-audio Micro Series – iDAC, iUSBPower Peripherals – iPurifier, Mercury USB cable, and Gemini USB cable Review: Part II

Cables | DACs | Digital Cables | Digital Sources | Power Cables

2014 Capital Audio Fest Report

Capital Audio Fest | Event Reports

Laurence A. Borden

The 2014 Capital Audio Fest was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Silver Spring Maryland, July 25-27. The show had a friendly and congenial atmosphere, though attendance was lower than most of us would have liked. The exhibitors were spread out on numerous floors, with only six or seven rooms per floor. Had the show [...]


iFi-audio Micro Series – iTube/Pre-amplifier Review: Part I


Paul Mah

iFi-audio, aka AMR’s pint size little brother Abbingdon Music Research, or AMR as audio hipsters like to say while sipping their double mocha macchiato, is a British manufacturer of high quality (both sound and build) audio components. AMR, the company-okay, I’m an older hipster who loves drinking latte macchiato- started in 2001, and in 2006 [...]


LP Reviews – Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, Benny Goodman Orchestra, Mumford & Sons, The Band Stage Fright, Neil Young

Jazz | Music | Various | Vinyl

Jack Roberts

Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, Jerry Garcia & David Grisman • Numbered, Limited Edition, 180 grams, 2 LPs • Mastered from the Original Master Tapes • Pressed at RTI Musicians: Jerry Garcia, guitar, vocals David Grisman, mandolin Jim Kerwin, bass Joe Craven, percussion, fiddle Selections: Side 1: 1. The Thrill Is Gone 2. Grateful Dawg 3. [...]


The Beatnik Pet Peeves Part One: Continued

Beatnik's Journey

Jack Roberts

Yes, Lowther loudspeakers are vintage, but the only time I see reviews of them is when someone tries a new method of using the drivers. So, I’m going to include them and especially the Teresonic Ingenium XR Silvers in my Pet Peeve #1. The Teresonic Ingenium has been around for around 10 years and the [...]


Bache Audio 001 Loudspeaker Review

Floorstanding Speakers | Speakers

Laurence A. Borden ,

I am a fan of so-called “augmented wide bander” speakers, by which I mean speakers that use a wide band driver for the majority of the audible frequency range, supplemented below with a woofer, and (sometimes) above with a tweeter. Such speakers have the benefits of wide-band drivers (namely, their dynamics and coherence) but without [...]

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