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Silent Source Interconnect, Power, Digital and Speaker Cables Review

Cables | Digital Cables | Interconnects | Power Cables | Speaker Cables

Doug Schroeder

As in nature, so also in audio; if the source is pristine, then there is a good chance everything downstream may be as well. One of the classic audiophile mistakes is to focus on the source, forgetting to focus on the source of the source, namely the power. There also seems to be a temptation [...]


Importance of Setting Your System Up Right

Beatnik's Journey | The Columns

Jack Roberts

I recently reviewed the 225 pound each Linn Athenaum Speaker System, followed by Burwell & Sons’ take on the classic Altec A7s. After both of these were gone it was time to settle back down with my Teresonic Ingeniums with Lowther DX4 drivers with silver voice coils. The only problem was while they sounded good, [...]


Lyn Stanley, Richard Thompson, The Civil Wars, and Anoushka Shankar Record Reviews

Music | Various | Vinyl

Jack Roberts

Lyn Stanley – Lost In Romance Numbered, Limited Edition of Only 500 • 45rpm 180 Gram Double Vinyl • Mixed by Al Schmitt • Mastered by Bernie Grundman • Pressed at Pallas in GermanySelections: 1. Change Partners 2. Watch What Happens 3. Fever 4. That Old Black Magic 5. The Nearness Of You 6. You [...]


Oppo BDP-105 Blu-Ray Player Review

Digital Sources | Disc Media Players

Toby Tingskog

Oppo’s latest Blu-Ray player, the BPD-105 has been in my home for the last 12 months. It has mainly seen duty as a video player and to stream Netflix movies and TV content. It’s a truly Universal player so I’ve also used it occasionally to play my collection of DVD-Audio discs and high-rez downloads from [...]


A Visit to the Home of the Infamous Encinitas Jim

Commentaries | The Columns

Fred Crowder

Strange how a casual encounter can on occasion develop into a lasting friendship. Encinitas Jim contacted my editor several years ago to request my contact information. At that time, he owned Wilson Alexandria X-2 Series 2 speakers, Levinson electronics and Transparent cables. The Alexandria’s, after a time of optimization with Nordost Odin wires and the [...]


Sony SS-NA5ES Bookshelf Speaker Review

Bookshelf Speakers | Speakers

Doug Schroeder ,

This review began with an introduction to Sony’s “Senior Acoustic Evangelist,” Motoyuki Sugiura, informally known as “Yuki”. The use of the term “evangelist,” on his business card is not typical parlance among audiophiles. Have you ever heard of an Acoustic Evangelist? The term, native to the New Testament, refers to the dissemination of the Good News, or [...]


Sophia Electric’s Royal Princess 300B Vacuum Tube Review


Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner Review

Audio Accessories

Fred Crowder ,

For those of us, like me, who have spent countless hours trying to figure out the best way to get the dirt out of the grooves of our favorite “ancient” LP’s with the amazing variety of fluids, enzymes, hyper-distilled water, brushes and vacuums out there, the Audio Desk RCM has not rendered your past labors [...]


The Triangle Art RA6 Power Conditioner Review

Audio Accessories | Power Conditioners

Ray Seda

Mr. Tom Vu at Triangle Art has been keeping himself quite busy since introducing his first product a few years ago. I met Tom at the 2013 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest a few months back and was mighty impressed with the sound he was getting in his room, most of which were components of his [...]


Esoteric K-05 CD/SACD Player & USB DAC Review

DACs | Digital Sources | Disc Media Players

Greg Petan , ,

When presented with the opportunity to review the Esoteric K-05, I was hardly in a position to say no. My Behold front end had failed and I had to fill in the gap quickly. I had my reservations however. The K-05 CD/SACD player is the mid-level one-box solution from Esoteric. Like many audiophiles I strive [...]


KEF R300 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Bookshelf Speakers | Speakers

Paul Mah ,

An audio gargantua (with homage to Rabelais) One of the venerable giants of home audio, the British company KEF recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2011 as a loudspeaker manufacturer. Founded by Raymond Cooke in 1961, the company was first housed at Kent Engineering and Foundry, or KEF for short. From the beginning Cooke had [...]

World Premiere Review

Vapor Audio Nimbus White Speaker Review

Floorstanding Speakers | Speakers

Doug Schroeder ,

It’s just a puff of smoke, a wisp, a few particles, so what can it do? Nothing, right? Wrong, it can take your house down and overturn your life – that’s what an atmospheric disturbance can do when it reaches the nth degree. It starts out innocently enough but writhes into a twister, a whirlwind [...]


Albert Mangelsdorff Quintett – Vinyl in print from Jazz Haus

Jazz | Music | Vinyl

Phillip Holmes

Legends Live Albert Mangelsdorff Quintett Audimax Freiburg June 22, 1964 Jazz Haus 101-727180 GRAM VINYL + FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Recorded live at Freiburg on June 22,1964 Side a: • Now Jazz Ramwong • Set ‘em up Side b: • Raknahs • Burungkaka • Theme from Pather Panchali Albert Mangelsdorff (trombone), Heinz Sauer (tenor and Soprano [...]


An Interview with Thom Mackris of Galibier Design

Laurence A. Borden Interviews | The Columns

Laurence A. Borden

Laurence Borden:  Thom, welcome to Dagogo.  You were one of the original members of the team that set out to build a turntable based on the published plans of Thomas Scheu in Germany.  I know it’s a long and complicated story, with enough drama for a made-for-TV movie, but perhaps you give us the short [...]


Vivid Audio Giya G1 Speaker Review

Floorstanding Speakers | Speakers

Ed Momkus ,

A Fantasy Come True Ohhh My God… Explosively Dynamic. Lightning Fast. Incredibly Articulate. Highly Extended. Insanely Detailed. Organically Coherent. Tonally Natural. Chameleon-like with all music. Take your pick. I guess you can probably tell I liked the Vivid Giya G1. A lot. Ok, let me take a pause from hyperventilating and give you some background. [...]

North American Premiere Review

Halcyonics Silencer Isolation Base Review

Audio Accessories | Racks & Stands

Fred Crowder ,

Devices which deal with system noise can typically be divided into one of two camps, (1) those which seek to isolate the equipment from external vibrations and those which seek to dissipate any energy produced by the equipment itself and (2) those which seek to shield the component from noise. The first group consists of [...]


B.M.C. PureDAC Review

DACs | Digital Sources

Paul Mah

Be (B) My (M) Component (C) With fast ongoing technical and production improvements in the past few years, the sound and build quality of digital audio components has taken a large step forward.  These improvements not only cover the state-of-the-art, but advances have also trickled down to include moderately priced models as well.  Thanks Reaganomics, [...]


Rogue Audio Sphinx Integrated Amplifier Review

Amplification | Integrated Amplifiers | Tube

Jack Roberts ,

Rogue is a small but well known American audio company that is known for building affordable all-tube components. They have grown into a true high end company with products like the Apollo dual mono tube amplifiers that retail for $10,995 for the pair. Now Rogue also offers hybrid amplifiers, the newest being the Sphinx which [...]


Stage III Kraken Power Cable & HB Cable Design Marble PowerSlave Power Distributor Review

Audio Accessories | Cables | Power Cables | Power Conditioners

Dupuy Acoustique Bongo Speaker System Review

Bookshelf Speakers | Speakers | Subwoofers

Ray Seda

About a year ago, our Executive Editor, Laurence Borden, reached out to me to discuss the possibility of reviewing a pair of satellite speakers with dedicated subwoofer from this little-known company called Dupuy Acoustique. Wanting to expand my scope of things I was reviewing I agreed to speak with designer Rudy Dupuy about his speakers [...]


Dupuy Acoustique Daisy Reflector Review

Audio Accessories | Room Accoustics

Ray Seda

As mentioned in a prior review of the Dupuy Bongo Speaker System, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rudy Dupuy and his associates at the 2013 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. At that time, Rudy introduced me to his latest product offering, the Daisy Reflector. There was actually little time to explore what the Daisy [...]


Burwell & Sons Homage Loudspeaker Review

Floorstanding Speakers | Speakers

Jack Roberts ,

The first time I heard of Burwell & Sons was at the 2012 California Audio Show. I walked by  its room, and outside the door sitting on an end table was one of the most beautiful wooden loudspeaker horns I had ever seen. The sign next to the speakers said “Burwell & Sons Loudspeakers,” and [...]


Shades of Chet, Sarah Jarosz, Ella Fitzgerald, Sara K, Vinyl Record Reviews

Jazz | Music | Various | Vinyl

Jack Roberts

Shades of Chet 45rpm 180g 2LP Limited Edition of 496 copies Pure Analogue Recording and cutting, One-Stage Pressing Process Musicians: Enrico Rava, trumpet, flugelhorn Paolo Fresu, trombone Stefano Bollani, piano Enzo Pietropaoli, bass Roberto Gatto, drums Selections: LP 1 1. Doodlin (Horace Silver) 2. My Funny Valentine (Rodgers – Hart) 3. Anthropology (Charlie Parker) 4. [...]


Jack Roberts Shares His Listening and Equipment Biases

Beatnik's Journey | The Columns

Jack Roberts

Listening Biases If you have been following my writings on Dagogo you have a good idea what my listening and equipment biases are. Still I think it would be worth my time and yours to talk about these biases. Let’s start with listening biases. The most important thing for me in an audio system is [...]


Line Magnetic LM-215CD CD Player Review

Digital Sources | Disc Media Players

Richard Austen

A Magnetic Personality Line Magnetic is a relatively new brand to North America but have been in business in China restoring Western Electric tube amplifiers and serving as an OEM for a number of brands for many years.  I became interested in Line Magnetic after auditioning their stunning LM 219Ia integrated amplifier driving ATC SCM [...]


A Visit to Linn – Factory Tour

Factory Tour | The Columns

Ed Momkus

Back in 2010 I was introduced to Linn audio products when I reviewed the Majik DS-I, an integrated amplifier and digital streamer. At that time I first began to learn about Linn’s audio philosophy and the highly creative thinking that goes along with it. In 2011 I reviewed the Akurate DS digital streamer and found [...]


High Fidelity Cables CT-1UR Ultimate Reference Speaker and Interconnect Cables Review

Cables | Interconnects | Speaker Cables

Jack Roberts , ,

For the last year plus I have had the privilege of reviewing and using the High Fidelity Cable CT-1 and CT-1E Enhanced, and the CT-1U Ultimate Reference cable systems. Although in those reviews I gave the best technical explanation I could, they are for the most part way beyond my understanding. Still, I will try [...]


Morrow Audio MA7 and SP7 Grand Reference Speaker and Interconnect Cables and DIG4 Digital Cable Review

Cables | Digital Cables | Interconnects | Speaker Cables

Doug Schroeder , , ,

There are few sure things in audio and even fewer certainties in the cables used for audio systems. Perhaps the only absolute which the consumer can count on is that the signal will flow when a new wire is connected, at least nearly always. I have had some instances where a just opened cable has [...]


Tri-Planar Ultimate II Tonearm Review

Analog Sources | Tone Arms

Ray Seda , ,

Background The Tri-Planar tonearm has a long and rich history. In fact, the Tri-Planar actually traces its origins to the 1980’s and to a tonearm designed by the late Herb Papier of Wheaton, Maryland, aptly named the Wheaton Music tonearm. The tonearm remains visually quite similar even today, nearly thirty years later. However, Herb Papier’s [...]


Lenehan ML1 Reference Bookshelf Speaker Review

Bookshelf Speakers | Speakers

Doug Schroeder ,

While I perused the Lenehan Audio site in preparation for this review I saw the following statement, ”The mission of Lenehan Audio is to provide high end audio leadership through the development of quality products that is value driven. These five words at the top of this page are the unwavering goal of Lenehan Audio!” [...]

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